I attended North West Kent College from September 1995 - June 1996.

Initially I went to achieve an access computing course, to enable me to gain entry into university. I hadn't gained any qualifications from school, not that I failed any, I just didn't take any. Back in the 70's jobs were quite easy to come by, and I was already lined up for a job, so left at the end of the Easter term, and didn't return to sit my exams. A decision I later came to regret.

I decided to take full advantage of my year at college and as well as the access course, I also gained four City and Guilds, and four GCSE's.

The access course consisted of six subjects at national curriculum level 8 - 10. Also an equivalent AS level module in Mathematics.

I then gained entry to Greenwich University on a full time BSc Hons Computer Science degree.

A collection of my English course work

Conan the Usurper: (An essay about Greed, Envy, Gluttony, and Avarice).

The Journey: (An essay about ehmm, a journey).

The Return of Macbeth: (A modern day interpretation).