Originally from Edmonton, North London, now living in Swanscombe, Kent. In the first few years after leaving school, I experienced many jobs in several different industries before pursuing one of my hobbies. I was in advertising car photography and some travel photography for 10 yrs then had my own ladies fashion business for a few years before going back into full time education to study computer science. Now managing an online application I developed for the print division of one of the worlds leading stationery companies.


I went into higher education as a mature student. Until then I attended, the University of life. In which I have a 1st Degree.

I had a career in advertising photography for almost eleven years, and have experienced many other professions. So you could say I've been around the block.

After the 90's recession I found myself having to look for a different career path. That's why I decided to go back into full time education.

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