I have been going to watch the boy's down at WHITE HART LANE since they beat Sunderland 5-1 on November 16th 1968. Jimmy Greaves scored 4 goals for Spurs that day (Mike England the other), so it was no surprise that I was hooked from that day on.

I was a regular after that first match for the next 35 years, before giving up my season ticket in 2003. I had been a season ticket holder since the early 80's, after nearly missing out on an FA cup final ticket in 1981 after going to every single home and away match that season. I didn't get a ticket from the official draw after going to every game, so thought I better get a season ticket after that. Luckily I did manage to get a cup final ticket through a friend. I have done 3 complete seasons where I went to all the home and away matches including domestic cup, and many where I just missed a few. My best season was 1981/82 when I went to 65 out of 66 matches including away in Europe. Most of my away travelling was mid-70's to early 80's.

I may have given the season ticket up, but am still as passionate about the club as ever just in a different way. If I'm abroad, the first thing I do is hunt down a place that will show the game if we are on TV, and I'm in constant contact with mates during matches (drives the other half mad). I still get to some games and have been to several European away games over the last few years, taking advantage of our first champions league campaign going to 3 of the away games (Werder Bremen, AC Milan and Real Madrid).

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